The Real Jackpot 2 Indrajith 2019

First of all, I am wondering what made me watch this trash. Yes, it’s a movie review I read in a local daily, utterly misleading and fake good review. If it’s officially declared as a parody adventure movie, I would have given more stars. Alas! It’s not a parody. During the course of the movie, I had the feeling of hitting my head in the wall for choosing to watch this God forsaken movie. Acting is worse. Graphics is worst. Imagine extremists in Arunachal Pradesh, a North East Indian state, speaking in Malayalam! Hippos,white tiger and other graphically created animals are real eye sore. I hate to review a trash like this, but I find it my duty to warn my fellow film goers, so that they can avoid the horrendous experience which I felt. Avoid this f****n movie at any cost.



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