Isaac Cypress works for NASA’s JPL lab as a mathematician/scientist. He is working on a video self-journaling project, encouraged by his counselor, when a UFO makes a precipitous landing nearby. He is startled a short time later to see an alien behind him. The last thing he recalls is being pulled into the sky. Upon returning home, he learns that he has been missing for three days. The video footage suggests he has been abducted by extraterrestrials. He posts it on the Internet, but hardly anyone believes his story. He becomes obsessed with finding proof, which leads him on a journey of discovery. Via the Internet he seeks others who might have had similar experiences and meets Sara. She, too, was abducted and lost three days of memories. Both have a soreness in their right arms. Isaac is approached by a man who claims to write a blog and wants to help him get more credence for his story.




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